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 Rules that apply for the Server

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Rules that apply for the Server Empty
PostSubject: Rules that apply for the Server   Rules that apply for the Server EmptyTue Feb 17, 2015 8:56 pm

§1 Greif

Do not destroy or modify constructions not belonging to you.

§2 Normal Property

Keep distance from other players. Minimum 100 blocks, this also includes spawn.
Mineshaft's etc does not qualify as property, it needs to be buildt in a way that makes it clare that someone is living there.

§3 Words and behavior

Show good behavior, constant bad behavior can result in ban from the server.
Spamming the chat or constant use of caps is not allowed.
Ragging on other players will be punished severly.
Constant failure on those rules will gett you banned from the server.
Spamming of TPA command is not allowed.
These also counts for weapons and tools.

§4 PVP

PVP is allowed were it is posible.
Its not allowed to use ""Teleport / sethome / home"" during PVP.
Setting your home in others houses is not allowed. atleast 100 blocks away.
You can use ladders and wines to gett over large wall's
Spawn killing and spam killing is not allowed.
After you have killed 1 player you must wait atleast 3 min befor killing that player again. This is your resposebilety and we do have mesures to follow it up. Grab the items you want and then leave befor the player comes back. You cannot attack unless attacked first in these cases.
You are not allowed to kill new players on the server untill atleast 2 hours have passed sins they joined. We have ways to follow this up.

§5 Towny / Nation

The owner of town and nation is responseble for everything that happends inside that area.
Town portals (incude T spawn) cannot be build it.
Scamming a town by use of Assistent status is not allowed. (we can undo your actions and will punish any attempts)
If a city gets Griefed by a member, the staff can fix it. But we will not give out warnings for it. Its the owners choise who he letts stay.

§6 Nether

Greif is allowed in Nether.
It is not allowed to close portals in nether.
Any portals thats build in will be removed and warning will be given.
You are not allowed to Claim in nether.

§7 Mods, Hacks and Bugs.

Mods and Hacks is NOT allowed. anny attempts or use will gett you permanently banned.
Exploiting any bug you may find on the server is NOT allowed. and we will punish anny attempts severly.
If your not sure if something is allowed, ask an admin. (you can also make a post on the forum or send email thru the homepage)

Allowed mods:

§8 Mob farms

You are allowed to create mob towers and mob farms.
You are not allowed to stay in anti AFK creations to spam massive amounts of mobs.

§9 Norwegian laws
We are a norwegian based server. Becuse of that Norwegian laws also counts on this server.
If you brake anny of these we will lett you know, but we cant expect annyone not from norway to follow them.
We reserve the right to contact Police departments for your country when extrem cases occur.

§10 Speciffic rules

You are not allowed to logg out during combat. You will become automatic killed when attempted.
Your not allowed to stack potions
You are NOT allowed to bug thru doors / walls / roof.
Sand in large amounts can only be taken from sand areas created by the staff. (only owners and admin can create this)
You are not allowed to make skyplatforms. It must have sollid mass under it.
What staff say's is what count's. If you do not agree with the dessision the staff makes then tell us by sending us an email via our homepage or make a topic on the forum.
To go in for annoying other players is something we will not allow. Show good behavior and if you cant be respectfull with your choise of words then keep your fingers off the keyboard.

Punishment will be given based on a case by case basis.
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Rules that apply for the Server
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